Thursday, July 29, 2004

Edah & Blogger

Perhaps one should compare Edah & Blogger?  How so? 

Edah's main strength is creating programs using the work of others.  Creating a conference where different people (Rabbis, academics, communal figures, etc.) who have been saying their ideas for years can say them before an audience.  The same applies for the Edah Journal.  It takes already prominent Jewish people and gives them an audience for their ideas.  Edah has not fostered new Jewish leadership or created think tanks.  Rather is gives people a forum and gives Baal Ha-Batim a forum to hear these people.

Blogger (or blog-city or any other blogging program) too does not create any content.  Rather it makes blogging easy and accessible and allows people to easily create blogs.  Once blogs exist in the world, one tends to create blogging communities, and blogging rings, and comments sections, etc.

As has been suggested by Douglas Rushkoff, owning content is losing importance.  Making content available and accessible is what matters.  And as Marshal MacLuhan explains Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man in "The Medium is the Message", technology is not value neutral.  It has natural consequences.  Blogging has certain clear implications, as does the internet.

Making information easily accessable changes it, whether as blogging or Jewish content.

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