Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Daas Torah & The Holocaust

The reason why a discussion of the Holocaust & who was saved can provoke a strong reaction is probably for a couple of reasons. Among them is that Jews were actually killed & saved. But also, because this was a case where Daas Torah was actually applied in the real world & was found, for the most part, wanting. And unlike Soviet Jewry where Gedolim advocated quiet diplomacy where loud activism was warranted, the Holocaust did not all turn out for the best. There are several ways of deciding whether Daas Torah correct or not: Textual (i.e. Is it in the sources?), Personal (Do I feel compelled to follow Daas Torah?) & the Historical (Has Daas Torah worked in the past?) Of course, this is both a personal & communal decision & facts do not necessarily play a central role in the decision making process.

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