Friday, July 16, 2004

Chareidization of English Jewry

Blogging about across the pond, (a.ka. Lizzy-Land, Merry Old England), I recently spoke to a young Brit who noted that the same phenomenon that was taking place among American Modern Orthodoxy was also taking place among our cousins in Hasmo-country. Of course there are major differences. Such as no equivolent to YU so students attend University while living at home & creating their own learning programs. But any analysis of the American phenomenon would require an analysis of the situation in the UK.
It is also noteworthy the lack of an evangelical movement in the UK, so drawing parallels in America to the Evangelicals is problematic. An interesting way of thinking about this is as Post-Colonialism. As the West absorbs immigrants from around the world, the whole melting pot theory has been replaced with alternative identity models. Jews are adopting a pan-Jewish model & Orthodox Jews are choosing Jewish identity over their national identities. Which would work in Europe also.

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