Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yada Yada Yada

There is something funny about the way SIW & B(Yada-Guy)C are promoting Jewsweek as if it’s the best Jewish Webzine out there. Indeed it may, in fact, be the best Jewish Webzine, based upon what I have seen of the competition.

But I come here to praise the Yada Blog not to bury it. But I am puzzled by what SIW keeps on saying. That the Jewish Federation types & their flunkies, the Jewish Media types, are all reading Jewsweek & especially The Yada Blog. Now, I must admit that I do have an RSS feed from the Yada Blog and they are rather efficient at linking Jewish articles. But based upon what I have seen, all BC does is surf the web and link to articles about Jews & Celebrities and Jewish celebrities. Now most unemployed people I know (and some of the employed ones) spend hours a day surfing the internet. If I understand this correctly, BC just surfs the net, picks up articles that anyone could just as easily find (especially with a google news bot) and link it to his blog. And this is supposed to be incredible? I mean, this is what the Town Crier does & what Protocols used to do. Anyone with the time, motivation, & energy can do this. The only difference is the TTC has more of a YU Slant and is an Orthoblog while Yada avoids an Orthodox identity and covers more sex.
So why is this so impressive?
I think I understand the appeal of the Yada Blog. It is like Moment Magazine for Gen X & Y. Now, personally I find Moment Magazine too kitschy for my tastes. But I find it a useful barometer of understanding the Jewish identity of the Baby Boomer generation. The same holds true for the Yada Blog. However, the current Federation mold is totally out of sync with Gens X&Y and are acutely aware of this. But there is nothing that the Federation & Media people can do about it. So they read the Yada blog to see what’s going on in Jewish America, which tells us more about how little they can connect to young American Jewry.

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