Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Women on Wigs

Elder Uri has a rather nice, if ranting post, on Indian wigs, but then concludes in the comments section that men should just stop talking about wigs, and let the women speak for themselves.

Jewsweek is kind enough to provide us with a women's voice on the matter. In a rather all-over-the-place-with-random-comments essay, Ellen W. Horowitz tries to present the issue from a woman's perspective. However, there is something fundamentally different between EWH & most frum sheital bearers. The latter never choose to cover their hair. God commanded therefore they cover. Based upon my conversations with women who do cover their hair, for many it is the among most difficult mitzvos to keep (especially given that for the first part of their life they went hatless). Once you have to make do with the halakhically mandated situation, you are in radically different position. I could say more until I see more women posting on the issue.

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