Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Responding to a BBB

I think that one of the BBB (Blogging Butler Brother's) misunderstood my recent post about Modern Orthodox History. I am not suggesting that the Dr. Belkin had no impact or influence on YU. Rather, if you read Geller's book on Belkin or other Modern Orthodox Hagiography one would think that the rise of Modern Orthodoxy in the 1960's & 1970's was solely the work of major Jewish organizations, YU, & specific individuals. I argue that by not discussing how this exactly parallels trends in American religion, one gives too much credit to the Great Men. These people further argue that to restore Modern Orthodoxy to its former glory we need to create leaders on the caliber of the old RCA. My point is that the Jewish Culture has changed & no matter how smart, charismatic, or educated you train Rabbis you cannot change the face of Modern Orthodoxy. You can make things better, certainly, but to think that we can return to an earlier age is foolish.

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