Monday, June 07, 2004

Modern Orthodoxy: "Moving to the Right"

If you repeat something enough times, people eventually believe that it’s true. No more true than the canard that Modern Orthodoxy is "Moving to the Right". But what does this mean, both when people say it & practically?

Practically it means two two things:
1) Modern Orthodox laity, which traditionally was lax in its religious observance, has become meticulous in its observance of Halakha (which before had been limited to the Rabbinic elite).

2) Modern Orthodox Jews, as opposed to following the practices of their parents, have adopted the dress, speech, behavior & religious patterns, dating customs, etc. of another religious community which they view as more authentic expressions of Judaism. (Included in this community is less of a distinction of between elite & laity in relation to Religious knowledge and observance.)

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