Friday, June 04, 2004

Modern Orthodox/Hareidi Redux

An easy way to expand a blog's comments section is to mention Modern Orthodoxy "moving to the right" or one-year-Israel programs.
(First let me get a pet peeve off my chest:
Until 1995 there were no Chareidim outside of Israel. To apply that term to the American black hat community was a deliberate attempt to link two very different communities & a search for pundits for a catch-all term for black-hatters. However, I still find it jarring to call American Yeshivish Chareidim. But I will use the nomenclature to make things easy.)
Academics and pundits (such as Waxman, Heilman, Wein, Sarna, Helmreich) cannot write about it enough. Nor apparently can bloggers.
However, I am looking for some unity or consensus. At least Wein & Heilman agree on the facts on the ground. But the bloggers are all over the place.
Simcha just quotes sources without giving his opinion.
Simcha "Bukhmeister of Teaneck" Goldstein gives his personal anecdotes. But where is his brother Rabbi Uri G., from the Protocols guest-gang? I have no doubt that he has what to say on the matter? And what about Elder Sam who can tell a "Chareidi" side of the Chareidization of Modern Orthodoxy? (Do they even want them?)
The Town Crier gives his personal, Zionist, take.
Menachem Butler gives sources and notes phenomenon, but (like the academic he is attempting to become) does not weigh in with his personal shittah.
And where is Josh with his acerbic lines, when you need them?
And Modern Orthodox Chassid of course defends his lifestyle choices, but at least he is giving his opinion.
So it looks like we are ready for an interesting inter-blog discussion? (Where is SIW to moderate?)

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