Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Jews as Citizens

It's nice to see two prominent bloggers raising questions about divided loyalties of American (and in particular Orthodox) Jews. Divided between Israel & the USA and a lack of patriotism and good citizenship.
I am reminded what I heard from an attendee at this year's Orthodox Forum on War & Peace. During the Q & A sessions, several of the American attendees, when referring to Israel and the Israeli government talking about "us" and "we". A similar charge about dual loyalties was (privately) made.
It would be nice if Orthodox Jews could work out either a theory or a practice of being good Americans while still living in shetlach in Queens or Teaneck & being good diaspora Zionist. Alan Brill begins asking these questions tangentially in his Edah Journal article, but that is not the focus of that essay.
In theory Edah, the Orthodox Forum, or the Orthodox Caucus should be asking these questions and developing these theories, but I have little hope for them at this time. Perhaps the Blog-o-sphere can make a contribution to working out these issues?
In the meantime has anyone read Jan L. Feldman's Lubavitchers as Citizens? It looks like it begins to develop some of these ideas.

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