Thursday, June 17, 2004

Jewish Leadership & Al Sharpton

In a fascinating article in the current Atlantic Monthly, reporter Marm Bowden spends time on the campaign trail with the Rav Al Sharpton. Though his analysis is a bit misleading, several pundits quoted question the need for a "Leader for Black America." It led me to wonder if the same could be argued for the Jewish communities in America. There are no current Jewish "leaders" whom I would say represents me. Sure, I think that some are great shtadlanim, of great moral stature, or wise men. But none would I call my leader. Partly, this is due to a lack of motivation & vision among the leadership. And partly is the lack of a need for such leadership. Thank God, the Jewish community is diverse enough and affluent enough, not to require self-appointed, or communally appointed, leaders to represent us.
Though, as a throwaway question, who would you say is your Jewish leader, if you have one?

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