Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I was sent this earlier in the week and although I normally try to avoid snark, leaving it to the experts, I suspect given their institutional leanings they will miss this one.

So here is the announcement:


ATID's Discussion and Research Forum for Future Jewish Educators

ATID is seeking a small number of Orthodox students (post-B.A.), men and women, who are planning to enter Jewish education as a career in the coming years, to round out the inaugural cohort of Atuda Fellows--a new training program for pre-service educators, to complement our ATID Fellows in-service program.

Participants in the 2004-05 program will partake in approximately 15 evening seminars and discussion groups over the academic year (September 2004-June 2005, inclusive). The sessions (on Sunday evenings, once every three weeks - approximately) will be dedicated in this coming year to:

and will be conducted in cooperation with The Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik Institute (Boston, Mass.), Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, Dean.

Atuda Fellows will study and analyze texts written by and about Rabbi Soloveitchik, and will prepare position papers and pedagogies to wrestle with the application of those teachings to the contemporary classroom. Fellows will be exposed to leading students of the Rav, and teachers of his thought and Torah.

The program takes place in Jerusalem, and will be conducted in English. Candidates must possess at least a B.A., and be preparing to enter Jewish education in Israel or North America. Fellows will receive a stipend of up to $1,000 (US).

Space is very limited. Interested candidates should send a current C.V. to atuda@atid.org or by fax to 02-567-1723. For further details, contact Rabbi Jeffrey Saks, Director, ATID at 02-567-1719.

I don't know where to begin with this one.
1) I strongly believe that the greatest challenges in Jewish education is not a lack a Soloveitchik in the schools. I do not see how having more lesson plans from Rav-Torah will be solve any of the current problems plaging Jewish education.
2) Even given #1, Rav-Torah translates terribly into High School or Elementary Education.
3) Even given #1 & #2, aren't these people a bit obsessed about Rabbi Soloveitchik? How about reading someone else? Anyone else? If you need suggestions, I would be glad to provide them for you.
(Waiting for Yoel to respond.)

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