Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Discussion about Modern Orthodox, Year-in-Israel, etc.

Butler picked up my question about Modern Orthodoxy’s move to the right and suggested that it is a result of The Year in Israel returnees.

The timing would correspond to the year-in-Israel phenomenon reaching full swing & I do believe that there is a relationship between the phenomena. Simcha Goldstein already commented on how the impact of the returnees has trickled down to younger students. Furthermore, their year in Israel does expose people to other forms of Orthodox Judaism.

And Dan Jacobson’s comparison to conversion is consistent with my suggestion that it about adopting norms & values of another Orthodox (Yeshivish) community.

However, I wonder how long term those shifts are and how lasting is the effect of the year in Israel?
Also, how does the activities of the young spread out to the rest of Orthodoxy?
Also, this does not deal with the lack of Halakhic observance which characterized Modern Orthodoxy from the 1940’s-1980’s.

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