Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Beyond Bifurcation

I would like to conclude my discussion of the Edah Journal with a Alan Brill's important essay on Torah U-Madda. I would not have thought it necessary to discuss why this essay is so important, but this appears to be the case.
(Incidentally, I would discuss issues of Tradition, but they aren't (yet) available on the web. If you are curious, I canceled my subscription to Tradition after de Solo Pool issue.)
In brief Brill argues that current Modern Orthodox discourse is limited because (1) it uses rarified limited definitions of "Torah" & "Madda", (2) unconnected to the real world that people live, (3) based upon an ahistorical misunderstanding of the historical situation of the Jewish people (and their previous conception and relation to "Torah" & "Madda"), (4) and a misunderstanding of the actual questions and choices which are more relevant to how "Torah U-Madda" affects people's lives.

Brill's suggests an alternative model of Torah U-Madda based upon six points.

I may blog assorted quotes, which I find ring particularly true, from Brill's manifesto during the coming week.

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