Friday, May 28, 2004

Forward Shaytlach Article

This post should not be necessary, but then, all blogging is superfluous.
I could point out the numerous mistakes in SIW's Article in this Week's Forward about the Indian Wig controversy, but let me point out two obvious ones:
I have good testimony that Rabbi Belsky never went to India and has no plans to to travel there. I simple phone call could have corrected this mistake, but I guess Fiddish is taking up too much of SIW's time. (FYI to SIW & fellow Forward staff: Rav Belsky gives shiur in a Yeshiva called Torah Ve-Daas. It is in Brooklyn, same borough as Williamsburg. Call them up. Do you need their phone number?)
Quoting Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler & Rabbi Abadi shlit"a as definitive poskim is like quoting Al Franken and Michael Moore to find out what's going in the mainstream America.

I am looking forward to seeing how far the Forward can distort Halakhic Judaism before SIW calls it quits.

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