Tuesday, April 27, 2004

What people want in life

What everyone wants in life (beyond the basics of food, shelter, clother, for survival) can be summarized into three things:

1) Connections/companionship

2) Meaning/significance
3) Order.

1. People want to feel connected on some level even (and sometimes often) in superficial ways. For example, for many Jews connection to other Jews is the beginning and end of their Judaism. There are innumerable ways of feeling connected to other people and often that is what people are seeking.

2. People want to feel as if their lives and actions have greater significance.
This is different than

3. Order. Which is having an order in your life/universe. This order could be 1) Physical (in the most literal sense), 2) Intellectual, 3) Histrorical, 4) Spiritual.
With these three principles, most human endeavors can be explained.

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