Thursday, April 01, 2004

The Road to Lakewood (continued)

I am beginning to feel like one of these really bad New York Times series, where they string together (sometimes tangentially) related articles to sort of unify what is otherwise a scattershot of weekly stories.

I am hoping to conclude soon. But before I do, I would like to chart out the standard path to Lakewood (a.k.a. BMG) for most Yeshiva students.

Now as a mode of contrast let me compare it to the standard route for most modern Orthodox students:
12 years at a Modern Orthodox Day School (single sex or coed) => One or two years in Israel at any one of a dozen Yeshivot => College (YU or any one of a half dozen other Universities) => Work, Marriage, Grad School, for some, Smicha at RIETS => Life....

In contrast let's look at a fairly standard Yeshivish Yingeleit's path:
8 years in a local Yeshiva => 4 years at one or more Yeshiva High School (local or out of town) where the majority of the day is spent studying Gemara => Bais Medrash (which may or may not include the senior year of High School) usually in a different city, but in North America, where it is Gemara all day for anywhere from 2-4 years => Israel. One tries to get into a "top" Yeshiva (Reb A.J.'s Brisk, Reb Dovid's Brisk, Brisker Kollel, Reb Zvi Kaplan, etc.) or else go somewhere else, and barring that, there is always The Mir. Once spends an indeteminate number of years in Israel until one is ready to settle down and get married in => Lakewood. There was once a rule called the Freezer, where Bachurim could not date until they had spent three months studying at Lakewood (with an exception for local women, who needed the Shidduchim, so they got a head start). After being in Lakewood and married, one continues to learn, usually supported by a small stipend, one's wife, and, sometimes, parents or in-laws until one can no longer afford to and then decides what they want to do with their lives. This could mean a)Taking a job in Chinuch or Rabbanus b) Joining a community Kollel or c) Going off to work.
Of course there are dozens of variations on this life path. But this is a fairly standard series of choices in life.

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