Thursday, April 15, 2004

Marc Shapiro Revisited

Over Yom tov, I thought up the following question for Marc Shapiro.

What would he (and his advocates) say about the following theology:
Hashem is one of many gods out there. Of course he gave us the Torah and will reward and punish us for keeping it. But he is only of hundreds (and possibly thousands) of competing Gods in the Universe.

So granted that this theology would be sufficient to require observance of Halakha, it would go against several of the Rambam's Ikkarim.

The other question is why are so many prominent anti-Chabad people silent about the Shapiro book? It is it a question of Heresy are not all Heresies created equal?

UPDATE: I am NOT referring to R. Dr. David Berger who has shown himself to be a staunch defender of traditional Jewish practices and beliefs (see his review of Menachem Kellner's Must a Jew Believe Anything in Tradition). Rather, I am referring to some of his followers.

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