Thursday, April 01, 2004

Bloggers of the Shtetl

Elder SIW, recently sent out a post asking how to spiffy up the shtetl that is the Jewish Blogging scene (knowing to SIW and Ben Cohen as jBlogs).

While some might suggest that our man I. has jumped the proverbial Shark, I think that this is a fine time to reflect on the nature of the Shtetl.

Now there are three types of blogs in the shtetl:
1) Personal blogs. Basically the classic definition of a weblog, an online diary, describing their life, with varying degrees of personal or intimate details about their life. I recently posted (relating to an article in OU's Jewish Action) my criticism of such blogging and how they were antithetical to tznius.
2) Links Blog. Kishmo Kain Hu. They provide links to various articles, blogs, articles, shiurim, etc. Sometimes with and sometimes without commentary.
3) Pundit blogs. These offer their opinion on any number of a range of matters
Now some might include a fourth type, which has strait information, facts, etc. but I have found these to be few and far between.

The most traffic would be #2, such as Protocols, the Town Crier, and Jewsweek. If particularly juicy, #1, attracts a crowd.

Now, I have previously explained why I would not do either #1 or #2. The question is whether a Blog can survive based solely upon my ravings and ideas.

SIW, like other journalist Bloggers wants to be head Blogger (or King of the Bloggers or at least of the Sheva Tuvei ha-Ir) of the Global Shtetl. (I am happy with the local hocker post). Therefore he wants Blogging to be THE NEW JEWISH JOURNALISM. Part of this is that he has issues with anonyblogging and anonybloggers (like myself; more on this later, maybe). He wants blogging to be ESTABLISHED and anything which messes with his sense of establishment, should be frowned upon.

I don't know. If he wants to make his blog something more than just a hobby (something like ham radios for the digital age), that's fine. Of course, I hold that they are a mere hobby (though definately not harmless).

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