Thursday, March 11, 2004


It was pointed out that this blog is getting too cynical, too attacking too quicky. (More on this topic later). So I am attempting to cut back on the attacks and telling my fellow writers to tone down their hock (make the house a bit more quiet).

Returning to the issue that J-Dub brought up, dogma, I would like to suggest a replacement for the 13 dogmas that Professor Shapiro has been so kind as to point out their deficiencies.

So here is my list of eight new Ikarei Emunah:

1) There is a God (who we can or cannot know something about).

2) This God had a hand in creating the world and bringing about man.

3) This God plays a role in history either through hashgacha clalis/t and/or through hashgacha pratis/t.

4) There was an event where the Jews left Egypt and received the Torah on Mount Sinai from God.

5) The Torah we have now is to a large extent the Torah which God gave us at Mount Sinai.

6) The law, as understood by the sages, throughout the ages, is binding upon all Jews.

7) God can and did communicate with men. Notable among them were the Jewish prophets who all communicated with God.

8) There is an afterlife where an individual faces the consequences for what he or she did in this life.

9) There will be a personal Messiah who will bring about a period that will include the resurrection of the dead and a time of peace and tranquility.

This is a rough draft. But I hope that this starts the ball rolling. I am welcoming both comments and criticisms.

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