Thursday, March 11, 2004

So a certain Modern Orthodox Professor is finally getting some of the press that he so desperately wants.

Let's be honest. You cannot separate the man, from the wannabe Modern Orthodox Academic Superstar. Hey, why should David Berger & Larry Schiffman get all the press?

But he is lacking what other prominent Modern Orthodox intellectuals have, such as Halbertal (sheer genius), Yitz Greenberg (a genuine chush for what people believe/feel and excellent connections), Berger (years of street cred and sanity) Schiffman (MO's needs a world-class Second Temple & DSS scholar on its side, or Carmy/Shatz (Rav-cred).

But he does have some things going for him: He works hard and has excellent footnotes (which is the ambiguous boon of all Twersky zt"l Ph.D.'s).

Of course the problem with doing all the research and publishing it is that anyone else could do this research. Why do we need him to do this work? To make those points? It's a tough job, but, in the end, it is not what the community is looking for.

What are they looking for? The search for the Great White Knight of Modern Orthodoxy continues....
(to be continued)

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