Thursday, March 25, 2004

Run Down of the Jewish Weeklies

At some point in the not too distant future, this will be seen as a golden age, when you can go online, skim The Jewish Week, The Forward, glance through Protocols, and maybe the Town Crier and know what's going on in the Jewish World (or all that matters for New York Orthodox Jews, given that noone is Blogging Hamodia or the Yated yet, hint, hint.). In 15 minutes, I can be up to date on everything, and find an occasionally interesting article.

How long can this last for? Eventually, infomation overload will settle in and Hock again will be diffused.
OK, some interesting stories (besides the standard Israel, political and Jewish filler) in both The Forward:
Ariel Foxman: Abe's son, Frisch alumni, and Cargo's new editor
Dana Mase: Orthodox Hausfrau by Day, Pop Rocker by Night
Orthodox Jews at the Circus (SIW)

and The 'Week:
Victims of Brooklyn terrorist attack get Smicha
Karaite victims of Ashdod bombing
CBST (please, please, please give me attention!!!)

No news, but no one uses them for news anymore, anyway.

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