Friday, March 26, 2004

Explanation of this Blog

People have asked me why I did not include in this blog a list of recommended blogs, links, etc.

The main answer is that I have enough faith in my readers to decide what they want and do not wish to read. Now, I know that this will win me few friends from fellow Bloggers (and even fewer links), but if I feel strongly that a particular site is worth visiting, then I will make a plug for it.

Furthermore, you may notice a lack of links on this site. Some sites get most of their readership from being a bulletin board of links to other sites. Now, one might claim that the essence of Hock is to know what is going on. Now, this is a fundamental misconception. The expert Hocker at a minimum knows what going on. However, knowing the fact is only 25% of Hocking. The other 75% is knowing how the spin the facts, providing context and the proper history and future for anything that takes place.

Indeed this is the fundamental challenge for most blogs. The more links one provides from a website or blog the more useful it is and the more hits it has. The more opinion, the fewer hits. Now, often a blog will increase the links to get the hits and therefore have a forum for the blogger's stories, opinions, etc.

I am going to buck the trend and see if this Blog can survive on a minimum of links and a maximum of spin. If my ideas hold water, then they will come. If not, then a will become another neglected corner of the blog-o-sphere, like the some many pieces of roadkill on I-95.

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